• Vision



Our purpose is to see people in our community restored and empowered, by putting Jesus at the centre of all we do. We want to wholeheartedly serve those in need in our community and see those around us experience the love of God.

The 3 key aspects of our vision statement are:


We believe that this is possible through meaningful relationships. We see friendship as a crucial way to support one another as part of our discipleship. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit we believe we will see transformation. Putting Jesus at the centre means we pursue him above all else; to learn from him in every area of our lives.


We believe that serving one another is not an optional extra but a key responsibility. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of those around us, by giving our time, talents and resources, to demonstrate God’s love for all of us.


We believe that love is something we do, not just something we talk about. The love we have experienced from God needs to change and motivate us to share that love with our community in caring and practical ways. We seek to be people who reveal God’s love to our community.

Our core values that help us to build our culture and achieve our vision:


To selflessly help, facilitate, and resource the needs of others.
To live openly and honestly before God and each other.
To show mercy to those who offend us – to let go of the offence.
To work as a team, valuing everyone’s contribution; by being reliable, responsible and committed.